Lice come in all shapes and sizes

Some fat, some thin, but all beautiful

I’ve been skimming through some old books in my library to find pictures of lice. And I have been rewarded in full. They really are very pretty. And they come in all shapes and sizes. The accompanying picture is from a book by Samuel Constantinus Snellen van Vollenhoven (founder member of the Netherlands Entomological Society), published in 1861. The lithography is exquisite. But the text is all Dutch to me.

Ignore the flea (number 11), here illustrated are:

1: Phthirius inguinalis (human crab louse)

2: Haematopinus asini (ass louse)

3: Pediculus vestimenti (human body or clothing louse)

4: Ornithobius cygnorum (swan louse)

5: Goniodes falcicornis (peacock louse)

6: Lipeurus baculus (pigeon louse)

7: Nirmus rufus (kestrel louse)

8: Docophorus ocellatus (crow louse)

9: Trichodectes latus (dog louse)

10 Liotheum importunum (heron louse)


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