Nits, like books on nits, make a resurgence every September

OK, I admit, I’ve been lax. This blog hasn’t been touched for three-and-a-half years. After Little book of nits was published I’ve moved onto other things and been very busy with them actually. Thankfully, though, headlice do not go away, they keep as busy as ever. They do, however, make a resurgence every September.

Perhaps it was coincidence, perhaps just a quirk of planning, but Headlice were the chosen subject for BBC Radio 4’s Natural Histories episode last week. You can hear yours truly, along with some other louse enthusiasts, earnestly discussing these fascinating creatures. Click HERE to hear.

Meanwhile, after a summer break of relatively carefree nit absence (or at least blissful nit ignorance), the return of the young ‘uns to school heralds the perfect opportunity for reinfestation and resurgence.

So what luck that Little book of nits is still being touted as the cure. This in Families South-East (page 15), although the price should be £7.99, rather than £17.99 I think.


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