Well, we’ve been well received so far

The media have been hammering at our doors after personal interviews, in-depth analyses of nit infestation rates and old family louse recipes. The book is out and, by all accounts, selling well. Let’s hope for a nice surprise when the next royalty statement comes through the letterbox.

So far, we have had notices in a wide variety of places.

Southwark News came round to see us, mainly to take some pictures of Justine and me looking like complete dweebs. Can I just say that they succeeded admirably:

We even wore the head louse tee-shirts.

The London Evening Standard gave us a corner:

Read all about it.

We’ve been on The Guardian website, Families on Line did an interview with Justine, as did Book Fabulous, and Griffith Library in New South Wales have been good enough to put us in their ‘What the fact‘ section.

And finally, we have been reviewed in The Lady (“for elegant women with elegant minds”):

Actually, the book on ambergris looks quite interesting too.