No matter what, I am not dressing up as a head louse

The Little Book of Nits is here, we have a publication date (24 May) so we are having a launch party. And by complete coincidence, it so happens that Justine has the perfect launch venue — the bookshop she runs with her husband Jon.

Bookseller Crow, they sell books, loads of them.

Bookseller Crow on the Hill is renowned as an independent bookseller of repute (number 6, “shabby but wonderful”, in The Independent’s top 50 bookshops) and they have regular signings, readings, launch parties and just plain party parties (15th birthday this June).

In fact I was up there not three weeks ago for the launch of local author Alex Milway‘s latest children’s story about abominable snowmen (and various other mythological creatures), where he served some yeti poo biscuits and was dressed as a yeti.

The Little Book of Nits launch party is at 7.00 on the evening of Thursday 24 May, Bookseller Crow on the Hill, 50 Westow Street, Crystal Palace, London SE19 3AF. Lice are fascinating, and so are the weird and wonderful remedies dreamed up to fight them. It is time for the myths, as well as the lice, to be busted.

I am quite happy to provide a microscope and louse specimens, lead some conditioning and combing workshops, or give a brief run-down on louse evolution, phylogeny and nomenclature. But, don’t ask me, I am not going dressed as a head louse.