Richard and Justine

Justine Crow

Justine Crow is a respected journalist writing on family, parenting, food and health-related issues. She also recently appeared on the hit BBC2 show, The Madness of Modern Parenting. She is also a qualified swimming teacher.

She and her partner, Jon, a surviving independent bookseller (Bookseller Crow), have three kids. Occasionally they still come home from school with the usual badly photocopied head-louse letter. Oh Dear, not again and she has a fine collection nit combs that have been pressed into use all over the world.

Richard Jones

Richard Jones is a nationally acclaimed entomologist, a fellow of the Royal Entomological Society and past president of the British Entomological Society. He has been fascinated by wildlife since a childhood exploring the South Downs and Sussex Weald after plants and insects.

He now writes about insects, nature and the environment for BBC Wildlife, the Guardian, Gardeners’ World and Countryfile. He has regular radio appearances on programmes like Home Planet and Woman’s Hour.

He is author of several books on insects and wildlife including: Nano Nature (Harper Collins, 2008), Beekeeper’s Bible (HarperCollins, 2010), Extreme Insects (HarperCollins.

His other (award-winning)  blog on wildlife is at Gardeners’ World (no head-lice there yet, but plenty of other creepy crawlies).

An adventurer with three itching children, his partner, Catrina, tolerates some pretty ghastly species around the house, but none so irritating as lice.

One response to “Richard and Justine

  1. Hi Richard,

    I’m a freelance journalist writing for and I’ve been trying to get hold of you re the lecture you gave at Birkbeck last Friday, but have been unable to find a website (other than this one) or an email addie. Specifically I’m after any images you might be happy for us you use of brownfield sites you photographed or of you sucking up bugs at Canary Wharf.

    If you’re able to help me out that would be great. Please feel free to drop me a line using the below contact details. Sorry this is a bit off topic for this blog. I haven’t had nits since I was 8 years old, thankfully 🙂

    Rose Crompton

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